About Trees of Corrales

Trees of Corrales, Ltd., is a private, family owned wholesale nursery incorporated in New Mexico in 1976.  The farm on which we grow has been in the Koontz family for more than 50 years.  Ours is a distinctive and picturesque setting: the Rio Grande river valley with its bosque of huge, old valley cottonwoods bordering us to the east is met by an open expanse of mesa on the west and north.  The northwestern face of the Sandia Mountains stands high above all, lending its rugged character to the scene.  We feel particularly privileged to work in such a wholesome and beautiful environment.

Trees of Corrales began modestly with an initial planting of 1400 trees and a labor force of one.  We now have over 100,000 trees in our growing fields and a year-round labor force exceeding 60 workers.  Part of our total acreage includes land we added in Fort Sumner, New Mexico in 1982.  The container department we initiated 20 years ago now comprises a broad range of perennials, native shrubs, grasses and conifers.  These plants are grown, like our trees, under fairly harsh conditions so they transplant readily in a variety of climatic zones.  In its early years our container division purchased most of its liners from outside sources; however, the continued expansion of our propagation facility has enabled us to produce almost 90% of what we currently plant.  A major part of this expansion has been the addition of numerous greenhouses, both heated and unheated.

In 2005 a portion of Trees of Corrales, Ltd., was set aside by the Trust for Public Lands to be permanently held as farmland and natural habitat.  Both Albuquerque and Corrales have seen significant development in the past decade, so we are happy—and proud—to know that a major portion of the farm will remain unchanged.

We have changed considerably over the past thirty years, but our primary goal is still to grow, harvest, and ship specimen quality trees for use in the landscape.  We constantly re-evaluate the standard varieties we grow and the new varieties we introduce in order to be innovators and leaders in our industry.
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