Trees of Corrales, Ltd., is a private, family owned, wholesale nursery and growing operation that sells exclusively to the nursery industry. We are located in the village of Corrales, New Mexico, north of Albuquerque.

We began thirty five years ago as a field grower of medium to large caliper specimen trees; in the last twenty years we have developed a container division specializing in cold hardy, drought tolerant plants including grasses, perennials, native and xeric shrubs, and container trees.  The sizes offered by this division range from one gallon to twenty-five gallon.

All of our plants—both field grown and container grown—are acclimated to the harsh climatic conditions of the arid southwest.  We are uniquely situated in the Rio Grande river valley, bordered by a high desert environment exceeding 5000 feet in elevation.  As a result, our plants transplant readily, even in locations with cold winters, hot summers, and minimal rainfall.  We ship our plant material throughout the Rocky Mountain region to widely diverse hardiness zones.

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